About LZ360

Lifezone360 (LZ360) is the place where athletes, team-mates and families come to move, improve and compete - while having fun together.

LZ360 is a radical departure from the typical indoor sports and fitness facility. From the moment you walk in the doors, you’ll see the difference. But that is just the beginning.

As you engage in our programming and work with our dedicated coaches, you will find LZ360 to be a place where mind, body and emotions are always lifted to a better place.

LZ360 is owned by three local families - the Millers, Dunhams and Abrahams. You’ll see them in the hallways and even on the fields & courts - moving, improving and competing along with you.

The ownership team is surrounded by a highly entrepreneurial group of people. They include joint venture partners, full & part time staff, interns and dedicated volunteers. The one thing we all share in common is a heart to serve and a desire to build great athletes and citizens.


What We Believe

Lifezone360 is founded on a set of core beliefs that drive what we do and teach every day:

  1. The human body was created by God - not a mysterious explosion
  2. The human body was made to move - but most of us were never taught how to move well
  3. First learn how to move - then commit to move more
  4. An excellent coach and a willing athlete can deliver breakthrough outcomes
  5. Not everyone will love what we do. But when we find someone who does, we dedicate ourselves to their success
  6. A self-aware, character-driven athlete is more desirable than a foolish and un-coachable superstar
  7. Healthy is a lifestyle that should not be boring, painful or inconvenient. When done right, it is energizing, empowering and fun
  8. Tell the truth - even if it hurts - but do it in love
  9. Celebrate and teach entrepreneurial thinking
  10. Effort matters


Our Pillars

The LZ360 offering centers around four pillars:

  1. Move: The human body was made to move - and a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  LZ360 is packed with programming designed to get people moving - while having fun. Our coaching staff’s heart for people drives them to build programs that are fun for every age and ability level. At LZ360 everything starts with getting you to move.
  2. Improve: As you move in our programs, our coaches and trainers carefully guide you through stages and progressions of improvement. We know that not every body is designed the same. We customize movement patterns and training regimens to each athlete’s situation so they continue to have fun while achieving the next level of success.
  3. Compete: A body and mind that is improving hungers for competition. Healthy competition activates the champion and warrior in all of us. It releases hormones and endorphins that promote well being, mental acuity and stress relief. At LZ360 we create numerous opportunities for guests and members to compete - from very recreational play during a workout - to highly competitive/elite leagues and tournaments.
  4. Contribute: As members move, improve and compete, they win - and winners love to give back. At LZ360 we encourage members who are further along in their journey to invest in other members striving for that next level. Members get involved as volunteer coaches, trainers, community service team members, mentors and even paid staff. Together we contribute time, talent and financial resources to ensure the world around us is blessed by the God-given experiences we get to have together.

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