Youth Development Tournament Series


Frustrated with going to tournaments and having teams outmatched? Tired of going from venue to venue and never able to find like-teams to play against.  Tired of your voice never being heard? Our tournament series is designed to help teams that are still developing.  Unique RULES and structure make our tournament series ideal for developing teams.


  • Only man-to-man defense allowed
  • Pressing is only allowed during the last 1 minute of the 1st half and last 2 minutes of the 2nd half.
  • No double teaming is allowed
  • $5 admission for parents compared to most venues charging $6 or more
  • Full service restaurant on site
  • Ample Parking


Each date we will host tournaments we will only allow the first 4 teams in each grade level to enter.  For example, on April 8th, the first four 2/3rd grade teams and the first four 4th grade teams will be allowed to register.


Each Tournament - $175


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For more info email or Call (224)699-9535