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Why Dunk Ball League?

Remember lowering the hoop in your driveway to 9’ and having fun with your friends all while seeing who could dunk the best?  Well thats the idea here.  We have set up full length games with 9’ rims to recreate the same experience.  This league is all about FUN and COMPETITION!  Join us for our very first DUNK BALL LEAGUE!


Our league is designed around competition.  8 total season games plus a bracket style single game elimination playoff will allow ample opportunity for competition amongst the teams.


This league is FUN. PERIOD. Between high flying dunks, alley-oops and sick crossovers, the DBL is bound to bring a smile to players faces.


Dunking is allowed and encouraged.  However, excessive hanging on the rim will result in a technical foul. We are all about having a great experience through a safe environment.

"After playing in multiple men's leagues all over the northwest suburbs of Chicago, the men's league scene was in need of a fresh twist. The Dunk Ball League provides just that."

- Eric Samuelson | Basketball Technical Director | Lifezone360

League Features

League Rules

  • Rims lowered to 9'
  • Full court 5v5 games
  • Minimum of 5 players per team and max of 8
  • Each team may only have 2 players who are taller than 6'5"

Game Structure

  • Each game will be 18 minute running halves with stoppage during the last minute of the first half and last two minutes of the 2nd half.
  • All other IHSA rules will apply.
  • IHSA Referees

League Dates and Times

  • Friday Evenings
  • April 7th - June 2nd
  • Game times between 6:30-10:00pm
  • 8 regular season games plus playoffs (9-10 Games Total)

Facility Features & Cost

For More information please contact Eric Samuelson

224-699-9535 or