Breaking Research: Why Parents Must Exercise Every Week

Our internal study of youth sports families is uncovering that most parents of youth sports kids are not exercising themselves…

To the tune of 78%

That means a majority of the spectators on the sidelines at any youth sport are exactly that – spectators. But what’s the big deal with that you ask?

Simple. You’re putting yourself in a grave faster than you need to. Plus, you’re making absolutely sure that the last 20 years of your life are painful and miserable. At LZ360 we communicate like a coach does, so this is a small dose of tough love.

Read this recent article outlining the outcomes of research from Mayo Clinic. It should compel you to take action and find some way to stay active every week.

Need some fresh ideas and a bit of motivation? Everyone does!

Stop in and talk to one of our adult fitness coaches and go through a complimentary assessment with our wellness staff. You’ll discover unique attributes of your body and we’ll help customize an exercise plan you’ll be excited about.

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