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Fun and safe programs build skills and confidence early


How Early Should They Start?

Our coaching staff that trains varsity athletes finds that starting players as early at 7 years old gives them a significant competitive advantage by the time they are in high school.


Coaching Matters

As the popularity of lacrosse grows in the area, parent-coached clubs are popping up everywhere. Unless that parent played at a high level and is investing 20-30 hours per week in coaching education, you are doing your player a dis-service by having them coached there.

Program Overview

Players come to a weekly class where our full-time coaching staff teaches the the fundamentals through a series of fun games and activities. As players develop, Parisi Speed and Agility classes are integrated in to ensure their functional movement and body mechanics are optimized.

Get Involved!

Bring your future superstar to an upcoming class and try it free. You, your player and our coaching staff will know if signing up is a good idea after that.