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Creating a Highly Competitive Atmosphere with Two of the Area's BEST Coaches.

Training in groups of 3-8 players for boys and girls players 5th-12th grade

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Ball Handling

Most of our sessions will involve some aspect of ball handling.  Handling the rock through contact and in game like situations is a focus of all great players.  Our coaches will ensure that players focus on controlling the ball through all the drills.

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Shooting Technique

Shooting the ball with correct form will be a key element for players of all ages.  As players advance through their careers, the shift will focus to quicker releases and game speed footwork.  Repetition and technique will be key to ensuring each player advances with their skill acquisition.

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Competitive Edge

Through advanced techniques and elite coaching, our small group training provides players with the edge to get to the next level.  Each session will be based around a competitive environment in order to bring out the best in each player.

Elite Level Coaching

Work with two of the best coaches in the Fox Valley Area. Focusing on the development of each player during the small group session is top priority.  Our coaches have a combined 30 years of experience coaching High School, College and Professionally.  Throughout those 30 years the four coaches have worked with over 1,500 players.

Years of Experience
Players Coached
Collegiate & Professional Players

Zoe Smallwood

Coach Zoe Smallwood is one of the top trainers in the Fox Valley Area.  He works with hundreds of players on an annual basis.  Throughout his career as a player and as a coach, he has always stressed mental preparedness as well as intense passion for the game.

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Ryan Hartman

As a former graduate assistant at Northern Michigan University and current high school coach, Coach Hartman has helped countless players develop their skills. With his extensive knowledge of the game, he is able to help players with wide ranges of abilities.

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