Soccer Training Programs - Open To The Public

Futsal Summer Program

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Train With Professional Futsal Coaches

Participants will meet twice a week for 4 weeks. The back-to-back training days are designed for faster absorption and retention of the futsal game and methodology. Since this is the offseason for most players, it is a great time to invest in building skill, confidence, and knowledge of the game. 

Session Length: 4 weeks (8 sessions)

Session Dates & Description: Coming Soon

Price: $150

Location: Lifezone360 Futsal Court 2 (West Side)

Sunday Night Training (Winter Season)

Topic: Mastering First Touch. First touch is the most critical and fundamental skill in soccer. In these classes, players will work through a series of exercises to build their touch on the ball. Some small-sided scrimmages and games will be included to create some variety - but the main focus is individual skill development.

Dates: January 27th to March 17th

Session Length: 8 weeks

Location: Lifezone360 Field 3 and Court 2

Fee: $150

Soccer Education

The Pro-Rated Skills Camp - Train With A Professional European Soccer Player - Christmas 2019

Coach Kyle Knotek grew up in the Chicago area and went on to become a professional soccer player. He still plays in Sweden - and returns home every November/December on vacation. Coach Kyle is one of the best small-group and private training coaches we have ever met. His camps are nothing short of exceptional for player development.

This is the 2nd year we will be running this camp with Coach Kyle. Last year he brought some fellow professional players along to help and the players absolutely loved the experience.

Dates: December 26-28

Times: 10 am to 1 pm

Location: Lifezone360 Turf Field

Fee: $150

Registration opens September 2019

Presidents Day Clinic ($25)

  • Focus is on passing
  • Instruction on form and accuracy
  • Development outcome is increased knowledge on playing timely, accurate and properly weighted passes
  • All delivered in a fun game environment

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