Soccer is a powerful medium for young athletes to develop motor skills, speed, agility and coordination. As the #1 sport in the world it is no wonder why parents and players are selecting soccer as their solo focus.

Whether your player is passionate about soccer, passionate about another sport or a multi-sport athlete, we can help.

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Sina Vidic: Soccer Director

Having played his collegiate soccer at Judson University - and committed his career to soccer education, Sina spent the last 10 years building his pedigree while earning a USSF-C license. He serves as Director of Coaching for our in-house travel teams and has also head coached high school teams in the area. Sina oversees deployment of our coaching platform across all age groups participating at LZ360 and works hand in hand with LZ Human Performance trainers, Parisi Speed coaches, staff soccer coaches and guest coaches to ensure our athletes get the highest outcomes.


We firmly believe in the LZ360 coach's creed.

We believe that creative players are built when fundamental skills are complemented with open play - and the freedom to think and innovate on the field.

We believe that a player's psycho-social development  and character development is just as important as their skill on the field. We measure our success on the overall person, not just the soccer player we build over time.


Our coaching staff has developed players over the past 15 years that have gone from tots to division 1 scholarship athletes. Along the way, these coaches have won divisional, MRL (midwest regional league) and state cup titles - not to mention numerous tournament championships and trophies. The greatest accomplishment we as a coaching staff have had however, is to see men and women as productive citizens in the marketplace - using the mindset learned on the soccer pitch - to win in work and life.

Featured Program

One of our favorite programs is the weekly Pre-Academy Soccer Class designed for beginner and recreational soccer players. Our own Director of Coaching works with youth ages 7-12 years old to build fundamental skills, dribbling confidence and ball mastery - preparing them for both recreational and competitive play .

We Also Offer

Tots Program

Super Strikers is a fun and engaging program for kids aged 3-5. This weekly class is packed full of fun games like Spongebob and Find Nemo. Kids develop dribbling and scoring skills while having fun. The next session starts January 2017 and is just $60 for 6 weeks.

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Camps & Clinics

Whether you play for a local club, school or rec program, our camps and clinics feature the top trainers in the area - and from around the world. Classes serve as a great adjunct to training your player may already be receiving.

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League Play

We host in-house recreational/semi-competitive leagues as well as highly competitive travel leagues at LZ360. You can sign up as an individual player or team. Pricing as low as $10 per player per game.

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Regarding Current Travel Soccer Players

If your player is already enrolled in a travel soccer program, please check with that club and coaching staff before enrolling in any LZ360 camp or clinic. Chances are, they will be fine with your player receiving additional training. However, if they are not ok with it, we respectfully ask that you wait till the end of your contract with that club before enrolling. 

Word Around the Campfire

From his free trial session of Pre-Academy, Ethan was hooked! He had so much fun - and couldn't wait for the next session. He thought coach Sina was the greatest guy ever. We're so pleased we found this class.  

Even though I'm the Director of Coaching of another soccer club in the area, I bring my top teams to train at LZ360 because of the clinical staff in their human performance area. Dr Stu and his team of trainers have done wonders for our player's speed, agility, power and fitness.

These are world-class facilities and top-shelf trainers. There's nothing like it within 30 miles of this area.

We teach our athletes each day that effort and attitude make up for skill and ability. But when you put all four together, it's magic.

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Facts matter so here are some facts that should help you understand why LZ360 is the place for your player's soccer development.

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