USA Cup – Final Details


Here are some important things to know as you get ready to head to USA Cup.


For those of you going to USA Cup next week, time is of the essence to get your spirit wear order in. Orders need to be in by Sunday night in order to be ready before you leave. The picture below is of the actual items available.

Ladies Tanks: you can order the Lions-LZFC Bella Flowy tank available in Athletic grey or Marbled Royal Blue

Unisex T-Shirt: you can order the Lions-LZFC Shirt available in either Tri-blend Royal Blue or Grey.

Click on the image to get to the ordering page. When you get to the European Sports website to order, the image for the women’s top is wrong. Please ignore it.





If you’d like us to pick up for you, just send an email to European Sports along with your order number letting them know that you’re approving Sally to pick up your order for you when it’s ready.


Trading pins are an important tradition at USA Cup. At a minimum, you want to make sure your player has 4 pins to give (1 per game) to an opponent at the end of the game.

There is also a large pin trading area where players trade pins from all over the country/world.

Thanks to those of you that have already ordered. We still have a few trading pins left.

You can order a set of 10 pins for $35 or 5 pins for $20 here:

We’ll have a pin/shirt pick up time at Lifezone360 on the evening of Wednesday July 11th. For those of you who are leaving town early, please have one of your team mates or coaches do the pick up for you.


Every year at USA Cup we have a club-wide dinner on Friday nights (typically at the hotel). For those of you would would like to participate, coaches will co-ordinate a cook out at the hotel or dinner at a local restaurant. Saturday nights are usually time for individual teams to spend time together.


Please make sure your player is hydrated, eating healthy (avoid sugar, grease, fried food etc) and kept cool. The weekend is typically blazing hot. If you have your player involved in a lot of outdoor activities besides games, you could be zapping them of critical energy and recovery time. Consider keeping your player rested, in the shade or in air conditioned areas as much as possible. Keep swimming pool time down to responsible amount (just enough to cool off and have some fun but not so much that muscles and energy systems are exhausted). On Sunday after their last game, let them “celebrate” with all the “not so good” stuff if you so choose.

Have a fun and safe trip!