USA Cup Follow Up

Thank you to all the parents and players who joined us for USA Cup this year. We hope you had a good experience filled with fond memories.

Some follow up things to wrap things up in a nice bow…

  1. Did you get your photographer muscle flexed this weekend? If so, please look through your pics and submit up to 5 FAVORITE pictures that capture the essence of USA Cup for you. We’re looking for times of play, community, fun and competition. We’ll share them with everyone – including people we’d like to invite to next year. You can put the images in your favorite cloud sharing system and send us a link/invite ( or email them (size permitting) to the same email address.
  2. Take a quick survey. Tell us what you liked/didn’t like about USA Cup as a summer getaway. It will take you less than 5 minutes to complete
  3. We’re finishing up the logistics this week for fall season. You’ll be hearing from us shortly as we get paperwork finalized with the league.

Have a great week!

The LZFC Crew