2 Weeks Only

Activate: JOY!

Activate: Friendship

Activate: Play Time

New To LZ360? Here's A Bit More About Us

  • We're a sports academy with over 800 players in training across multiple sports. Our staff knows how to create fun learning experiences. 
  • We host memorable kids parties and events at LZ360. Read the reviews on Facebook and know that the same staff will be caring for your kids at camp.
  • We have over 130,000 square feet of turf fields, sport courts, relaxation lounge, kidzone, arcade, dance floor and gymnastics studio there's no limit to the things kids can do here.

Adding a sibling and looking for us to apply the 10% sibling discount? Contact info@lifezone360.com after registering your first child and we will email you a link for the sibling discount. Please include your first child's name so we can look them up and verify their enrollment.